Don’t Just Check Out A Book–Check Out a Site!


Our Embedded Library offers opportunities to learn about subjects by going out and experiencing and learning on site.

  • Instead of call numbers to help you find a resource, we have GPS coordinates and maps
  • When you’re at the location, you can get more information via QR Codes posted at the coordinates
  • Learn by taking field trips to relevant locations–once there, our articles describe what you can learn

4 Ways to Find Information:

  • Explore Our Map
  • Search Our Catalog
  • Browse by Subject
  • Use the QR Codes on location

Join the Conversation

  • Comment sections on entries add an collaborative element
  • Users can contribute knowledge to your embedded library

How do librarians fit in?

  • Act as curators–adding content and soliciting contributions from their communities
  • Moderate the comments on individual pages–integrate new information into articles